West Coast Swing at the Santa Cruz Swing Club

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Santa Cruz Swing Club dance party

The Santa Cruz Swing Club Saturday night dance has always been one of my favorite dances. And it still is. When I began dancing west coast swing sometime around 2008,  it was the place to go dancing west coast swing outside of our own local Friday night dance party in Pacific Grove at the old Shall We Dance Ballroom.  (more…)

South Bay Dance Fling 2016

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Rene Arreola West Coast Swing

South Bay Dance Fling 2016 has come and gone and the event was a blast! The directors of this event are Glenn, Sue & Candace Cravalho. It is a mix of Country Two Step and West Coast Swing. Held in San Jose, California during Labor Day Weekend, this event has plenty of dance workshops, contests and social dancing. (more…)