Santa Cruz Swing Club dance party

West Coast Swing at the Santa Cruz Swing Club

The Santa Cruz Swing Club Saturday night dance has always been one of my favorite dances. And it still is. When I began dancing west coast swing sometime around 2008,  it was the place to go dancing west coast swing outside of our own local Friday night dance party in Pacific Grove at the old Shall We Dance Ballroom. 

Relatively close to Monterey, the Santa Cruz Swing Club had a large number of dancers and great music. They also had guest instructors every fourth Saturday night of the month. Some of my fondest memories of attending this dance include meeting and dancing with some of the friendliest social dancers on the peninsula. To this day, we love going to this dance and meeting old friends and making new ones as well.

At this swing club was where I also had instruction from some of the top and established pro’s on the west coast swing dance circuit such as: Richard Kear, Miguel De Sousa, Ruth Cnaany, Linda Drake, Kelly Casanova, Melissa Rutz, Sean McKeever & Courtney Adair, Yennia Setiawan, Edwin Li, and Eric Jacobson.

As we continued to grow as west coast swing dancers, we eventually made our way up to the Bay Area for dancing as well. But the Santa Cruz Swing Club always holds a special place in our hearts. As I wrote, we still attend this dance to this very day. Their club dances are held every fourth Saturday of the month and goes from 8:00 to 11:00 PM Dance with DJ Rupert Schroeder.  If there is a lesson, it usually goes from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Check their website for details and if there is a lesson for that month’s dance.

Jennifer Filzen and Rene Arreola at Santa Cruz Swing Club
Rene Arreola west coast swing -Santa Cruz Swing Club
Santa Cruz Swing Club
Santa Cruz Swing Club social dancing

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