Dancing in Oahu at The Study

Jen and I discovered a great place to dance called The Study, located in the Modern. The Modern is a hotel located in Honolulu and walking distance from the hotel we are staying at, called the Equus.

We just finished our day of touring around Oahu visiting different places when we were walking down to get some sundries at a corner store, when Jen noticed the hotel. We decided to go in and check it out. We instantly heard the music coming from behind a book case that appeared to be angled, so that you almost had to sneak around it to see where the music is coming from.

Once past the book case, we saw a bar with a cool, modern looking lounge area with tables, chairs and ottomans. There was also a 3-piece band playing some cool groove music. Jen and I were still in our shorts when we happened upon this and decided we needed to head back to the hotel, put on some pants and get our dance shoes on!

The video here is just a snip of the fun we had while dancing and mingling with the hotel guests! Good times!

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